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Preventative Health

What is Preventative Health?

Focusing on preventative health strategies to prevent illness before the onset, is one of the many strengths of our Canadian Health Care System. This involves not only learning about one’s own cardiovascular health, but also implementing daily habits designed to reduce the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease. This includes consuming a heart-healthy diet, daily exercise, adequate sleep, smoking cessation, and monitoring cholesterol and blood pressure levels. And rest assured at the Chahal Cardiovascular Centre, we will not recommend anything that we don’t practice ourselves as we serve as advocates of your health, leading our community by example.

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How Can Help? 

Schedule a Preventative Health visit with our team, and we would be happy to sit down with you and devise a personalized plan that works for your lifestyle. This may include guidance on dietary modifications, devising an exercise plan, implementing diabetic and cholesterol screening, and/or assisting with smoking cessation. 

Who is Preventative Health For?

Everyone! It’s never too early or too late to consider taking your health into your own hands, and being your own best advocate!

We also recommend that anyone with the following conditions should consider a cardiovascular preventative health screening:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Speak to your family doctor about sending in a referral to the Chahal Cardiovascular Centre , requesting a preventative cardiovascular health assessment on your behalf.  After we receive this, our office would be happy to schedule your visit. 

We recognize that healthcare is a team sport, between the doctor and the patient.  It has always been our philosophy to educate the patient on the pros and cons of any therapy with full transparency, and let the patient make their own informed decision. We serve only as advocates for health, and provide our medical expertise as guidance of best practices. 

Still have a question about preventative health? Speak to your doctor about a referral to the Chahal Cardiovascular Centre for a cardiovascular consultation.